Open The Door To Home Ownership

Service and value are what you need when it comes to real estate. They drive everything we do at Alternative Real Estate — and service and value are the keys to unlock your home ownership advantage.

As a tenant, you’re being left behind as rents rise and rentals become harder to come by. Isn’t it time you benefited from your own equity appreciation?

What will I gain? You can build your personal wealth based on price appreciation of your new property. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from living in your own home, with the set cost of a 30-year mortgage and no worries that a landlord will raise rent or send out a 30-day notice if you don’t comply.

Is ownership complicated? It’s our mission to make ownership easy. We’ve helped hundreds of buyers succeed in the most active and competitive real estate markets in Nevada.
What does ARE offer? We steer you to the programs that can help you buy with almost no money down. Our lenders create a plan to identify and correct any income, credit or down payment issues to ensure you qualify. Our free home inspection makes certain everything is in good working order pre- purchase. And unique to ARE: a 1-year free home warranty to protect you from unexpected costs, like an A/C going down or if a refrigerator stops working.
What does ARE charge? Representation won’t cost a cent: our fees are paid by the home seller.
Is it the right time to buy? Because it’s currently a seller’s market, our recommendation is to use this time to prepare. We’ll work together to identify any financial challenges and get you pre-qualified. Then when the market turns in your favor, you’re ready to act — and purchase your property obstacle-free.
How can I begin? Let’s start with a no-cost consultation.
You’ll discover we’re on your side at every turn, with a complete roadmap to owning your property.

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