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The Best Alternative to Property Management in Summerlin



A master-planned community just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, Summerlin regularly earns high marks as one of the very best places to live in Nevada. Whether you’re looking to own, rent, buy or sell in this community, you’ll want a partner who knows the neighborhoods — and the varied property market. Whether it’s million-dollar homes, condos, townhouses or a uniquely designed single family home — Alternative Real Estate is your property management company for investing in and living in Summerlin.



When we started our business, we began with just our own properties. The care we put into those homes became our philosophy moving forward: we take care of every property as if it were our own. As we’ve extended our reach to include Summerlin, we’ve brought that same principle with us to offer to clients in this vibrant community.

And what a community — full of opportunity for investors and owners! To be the right partner to those in and those interested in Summerlin, we’ve invested our time getting to know the area and its value. Here’s a few highlights to share:

Like the outdoors? At the base of the Spring Mountain Range and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin features 250 parks, more than 150 miles of outdoor trails, and cooler temperatures thanks to its 3,500 feet higher elevation. Sports fans celebrate the Las Vegas Ballpark and City National Arena, and shoppers and diners will find a variety to buy and enjoy in the Downtown area. Parents and those seeking education up through college level will note Summerlin’s 10 nationally recognized private schools and 16 publics schools. The already stunning and varied real estate is further enhanced by new construction that only continues to add to property values — which have risen year-over-year. Low property taxes and no Nevada state income tax further add to the appeal.

Sound tempting? Here’s where Alternative Real Estate can help:

Property Management in Summerlin for Home Owners

Home Owners in Summerlin expect diverse services and exceptional standards — and know they’ll find those with Alternative Real Estate, a property management company with a background in customer service, revenue management and hospitality. We excel at digital presentation, data-driven marketing and setting rental rates. Our dynamic pricing model is widely hailed as being well ahead of the curve and competitors, ensuring Owners in Summerlin get the best value for their investment. And because we’re “smart-sized,” Alternative Real Estate is nimble enough to give every Summerlin Owner both personal attention — and the quick adaptability needed whenever the market changes.


Property Management in Summerlin for Home Buyers

With so much to consider, Home Buyers seeking the right property management company in Summerlin can start their real estate journey out unsure, uncertain — even confused as to the best decision. But when they find Alternative Real Estate has the insight and opportunities in this community, buyers discover they have found both educators and partners. We help Buyers see the home buying process in Summerlin the way that investment companies do: before you enter the market, look ahead to the exit. An Alternative advisor takes the time to walk Buyers through the variables that others miss. At successful close of escrow, you’ll find us at your side — with the extra bonus of covered costs on a mobile notary, inspection, appraisals, and a home warranty to cover you in the event of any unexpected issues. And if financing is a concern, we have preferred lenders who can help support your Summerlin purchase.


Property Management in Summerlin for Home Sellers
Even in an upscale community like Summerlin, Home Sellers looking for a quick turnaround can be misled by last minute mischief. Dream deals can become nightmares when there are unfair demands for repairs, a below market valuation, or an unsettling “take it or leave it” attitude. True convenience comes with a property management company that’s on your side from the moment you decide “for sale.” Alternative Real Estate secures your best price without hidden charges or last-minute costs. Our experience in consistently breaking Las Vegas area sales records is because we don’t follow prices — we set them. We can even promote your Summerlin property to our private investors before the open market, for a potential quick sale at top dollar and zero hassle.


Property Management in Summerlin Deserves an Alternative

If you decide that Summerlin is right for you, you can expect Alternative Real Estate to bring you the highest level of service a property management company can offer. We refuse to compromise on the exemplary attention that is our standard, and which our clients have come to expect.

If you’re looking to rent out, buy or sell in Summerlin, we know you’re not interested in some countless random opportunities that any number of real estate companies put out there. You want what the true Alternative provides: that particular match of renter, seller or property that meets your needs and maximizes your value. You may find many companies offering property services in Summerlin. But when it’s time for you to live, to invest, to manage in this community — there’s only one proven and experienced property management company where your best interests always come first: that’s the Alternative Real Estate way.

It would be our privilege to represent your property needs in Summerlin